Tori Grace Outfitters

tori’s bitty bows was named after my daughter victoria grace, who was born in 2006.  soon after i began making baby bands with bows for her bald little head.   everywhere we went people commented that they loved her bows, so i began making them for friends and soon expanded to form tori’s bitty bows. tori is growing up fast and business is booming.  strangers still stop us for a peek at her bows, clips and outfits.  i have since expanded and make all kinds of accessories, clothing and room decor for babies and children. my son thomas encouraged me to make things for baby and little boys, so I started with skull caps, tshirts, onesies and bucket hats. i am now making wall letters and memo boards as well. i am always working on new products,  bow ties and  super capes are the latest addition. thomas is the proud big brother and actually drew the first concept of tori’s face in my logo. while he does not wear any bows he helps me with photoshop and the website. if you have any questions regarding our product or to request something not shown on our site please do not hesitate to contact me.